Media Monster

K. Page & Sleepwalker's Parade



Welcome to the world as it is

It’s nothing like they said when we were kids

Reality is seems is just a relic of showbiz

Even wind and water are buffed, shined and spritzed


Progress is a word we often say

Meaning thing are better now than yesterday

But most of what I’m told is new and very important

Are things I find to be completely irrelevant


The media is a monster

It will turn your mind to a white noise blur

It will leave you feeling “ I best not think at all!’

As you run down to the local shopping mall


I think I might go down to the local shopping mall and there will be a man in a kiosk and he will say “Hey, little girl, I’m a mall certified plastic surgeon and I just wanted to say that your nose is too big, I mean your teeth are buck, I mean your face is just BUSTED! And I was thinking if you came on over this way I could inject a little plastic into your face. Then when someone kissed you and they really, really liked you would have no idea what it felt like because your face would be made of plastic. You wanna do that? Do you? What’s wrong with you? I told you that you look like shit!!! Fine, have it your way. Be lonely the rest of your life!”