Green City

K. Page & Sleepwalker's Parade
K.Page Stuart music and lyrics


Green City Oh, to have a city with no Cars or buses of trucks. No asphalt, no streetlights. And, what if the avenues were Overgrown with grass? From Wall Street to Inwood. Green in the streets of Manhattan Dandelions, honeysuckle, creeping crawling vines. And, what if the tress could grow Up elevator shafts? Their leaves would grow Out windows. And, then I’d live in the branches Robinson Crusoe style. 65 stories high. I’d shout at the people below “Hey, we all live in this same little, very little town.” Then I’d throw baskets of fruit 65 stories down. I see the city of the future. It’s lovely I swear. The wind is sweet and the birds sing, And you never hear the sirens blare. I see the city of the future. It’s not like ones I’ve known. And, if New York’s like the city I see, One day it will be overgrown. And, then I will laugh about How I used to have No time or place to meet. And, how I was always somehow Stuck in a traffic mess. Those days would end at last. And, I’d laugh at the past as the 6th Avenue grass it blew across my face. Oh, to have a city with no… cars, or buses, or trucks, or everything that makes it so damn loud…… K. Page